3. French Toast with Feta

This week I got my breakfast inspiration from a friend who had come up from Melbourne. They suggested I make French toast and crumble feta on top. I liked the sound of this idea and decided to try it as a breakfast.

I liked this breakfast, but it could have been great if I had done some things differently. I put some feta in the egg mixture which wasn’t a very good idea because of two things. First the feta didn’t stick to the bread very well and second, when I cooked the bread the feta was too chunky which made it difficult for it to sit flat in the pan and the egg on the bread didn’t cook properly, so I would recommend putting the feta on after you cook the french toast. Here is the recipe:


1 day old sourdough loaf (you could use any bread but sourdough is nice)
4 eggs
¼ cup milk
Handful basil leaves finely chopped
Olive Oil
100g feta


Slice the sourdough loaf into 2cm thick slices.

Make the egg mixture by whisking the eggs and milk together. Then add the half of the basil and season to taste. Dip the bread into the egg mixture and place into a hot frying fan drizzled with oil. Do not leave the bread too long in the egg mixture otherwise it will take a long time to cook right through.

Cook the bread on both sides until you get a nice golden colour and then crumble feta and basil on top of the toast and serve. I didn’t put basil but I think it would have been better with basil on top. Enjoy!

So, was this my ideal breakfast? Yes/No/Maybe
Would I make it again? Yes/No/Maybe
Would I recommend it? Yes/No/Maybe


4 thoughts on “3. French Toast with Feta

  1. Maybe next time we can try cooking it together, the fetta does go soft and runny when cooking, the oil has to be hot so it can cook fast, good on you for giving it a go. the pictures look fantastic.

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