4. Yogurt with Berries & Toffee

It’s Spring! So what better way to start it off than with a lovely Spring breakfast. This week’s inspiration came from my beautiful Mum. She made this yogurt for a brunch and it was a big hit so I decided to try it again. Here is her version:


This was really delicious. In Summer it would be great with mango and mulberries or blackberries. What made this nice was the different textures and flavours. For example you get the sweet, smooth yogurt and the tartness from the berries and then you get the heavenly sweet crunch of the toffee.

Here is the recipe:


750 mL Greek yogurt
3 tbsp maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
4 cups berries and/or any other fruits you would like (mango, banana, kiwi fruit…)
¼ cup sugar


Mix the maple syrup and vanilla extract into the Greek yogurt. Pour the Greek yogurt into a medium-sized shallow dish.

Wash and prepare your fruits and berries and place them into a separate bowl.

Once all your fruits are ready, layer them on top of the yogurt and put them into the fridge to get really cold so when you pour the hot toffee on top it goes hard straight away.

Now you can make the toffee. Put the sugar into a small frypan over a medium heat and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves and becomes golden brown colour.

Have your yogurt ready and quickly pour the toffee over the fruit and yogurt. You should hear it suddenly become hard when it hits the cold yogurt.

Serve your yogurt in little serving glasses and sit back and enjoy your breakfast!

So, was this my ideal breakfast? Yes/No/Maybe
Would I make it again? Yes/No/Maybe
Would I recommend it? Yes/No/Maybe


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