14. Sweet & Naughty Beginning

This week’s breakfast was a sequel from last week’s Greek-style toastie but it was definitely not my favourite. It was very very rich and sweet. I got the recipie from Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals recipe book.

Many people love sweet breakfasts and would love to eat this, but it just wasn’t for me. You could lose some of the richness by not having chocolate and just doing a banana and ricotta toastie.

Here is the recipe:

25g ricotta cheese
1 tsp honey
20g dark chocolate
1 small banana
2 slices of bread


Place the ricotta and honey into a small bowl. Place in the microwave for a few seconds so that it becomes softer and easier to spread.

Roughly chop the chocolate and place into a bowl. Do the same with the banana.

Place one piece of bread on the toaster and layer the ricotta and banana and chocolate. Place the other piece of bread on top and toast away.

When it is done cut it up into triangles or whatever and serve. Enjoy!

So, was this my ideal breakfast? Yes/No/Maybe
Would I make it again? Yes/No/Maybe
Would I recommend it? Yes/No/Maybe


5 thoughts on “14. Sweet & Naughty Beginning

  1. I love how everyone’s opinion here is quite the same! I had this once and thought it was too rich, and since then I have either left out the banana or the chocolate. The banana once cooked is too sickeningly sweet for me so I use the dark chocolate and cheese. I also replace the ricotta with cottage cheese, as some ricotta can be very dry and I think you need a more runny cheese for this recipe.

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